Arabica vs Robusta Coffee

We always choose the finest Arabica and the best Robusta on the international market, to create excellent and balanced Neapolitan blends

Among the more than fifty varieties of coffee available, the two most cultivated are the Arabica and the Robusta. However, what is commonly said about these two types of coffee is often the result of a misunderstanding and coffee experts have a duty to clarify. That is why we at Passalacqua have decided to tell you which, and how many, are the real differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee types.

Did you know that Arabica is not always the best?

A cliche has it that the Arabica coffee is always better than the Robusta coffee, but that's a fallacy advocated by those who do not really know coffee. Or rather, this is only true if we're talking about a truly prized Arabica coffee! Basically, in order not to fall into the trap of those who say that as long as it's one hundred percent Arabica it will be a quality coffee, just know that there are some Robusta coffees which are a lot finer than some Arabica. What really differentiates the Arabica from the Robusta coffee are taste, fragrance and cup yield. Extraordinary differences that make them perfect for creating balanced blends.

Arabica and Robusta coffee: do you really know the difference?

The difference between the two varieties of coffee is already visible in the plantation: the Arabica grows at higher altitudes, is more sensitive to temperatures and vermin, while the Robusta coffee is much stronger, even growing at low altitudes with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30°.
After harvesting, drying and roasting, what really makes a difference are fragrance, taste and cup yield. Arabica coffee has a more delicate and sweeter taste, it is lighter (contains less caffeine) and is more aromatic. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, has a more intense flavour, is stronger (contains more caffeine), less aromatic but has more body and creates a creamier espresso and foam.

More caffeine
More aromatic
More delicate

The best of Arabica and Robusta in our blends

Passalacqua only purchases the best Arabica and the finest Robusta from the best plantations in the world, in order to always create the highest quality blends, able to use the best characteristics of the two varieties.

Arabica vs Robusta