At the bar

All the secrets of real Neapolitan espresso, because coffee is an art

Passalacqua's love for coffee does not stop at roasting but goes all the way to the bar. Drawing coffee on an espresso machine is, in fact, an art, where everything must be treated with the utmost care. The "tazzulella 'e cafè", a true Neapolitan tradition, requires not only great love of coffee but also an extraordinary skill that cannot be improvised.

That is why we train our baristas on the secrets of preparing the real Neapolitan espresso. Only through careful and thorough training can you recognise the characteristics of the best coffee, and therefore extract the best.

If you also want to become a barista with a double R, follow the Passalacqua course "BARRISTA". For professionals and/or coffee enthusiasts, Passalacqua explains the secrets to: recognise good coffee, work with the espresso machine, and taste it, with the team at its training centre, in the course of a day’s workshop with a limited number of up to 10 participants.

In this module, you will discover where coffee comes from, the main differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee and notes on the procurement process of the raw coffee of Passalacqua quality standard.

This module deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of extracting coffee with an espresso machine, for both lever and automatic dispensing machines. Study the famous 5 M of coffee in depth: Miscela (Blend), Macchina (Machine), Macinino (Grinder), Mano (Barista skill), Manutenzione (Maintenance).

How do you recognise coffee that was successfully extracted where its aromatic characteristics are exalted? You will learn it in this module where Passalacqua provides the basic elements for evaluating good and successfully extracted coffee, aided by a specific sensory analysis model.


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