Good Coffee

Magic is hidden inside a cup of coffee: knowledgeable choices turn a fruit into an emotion.

You have done it so many times you don't think about it anymore, you only focus on the taste, and it matters that it should be good. A coffee moment is a time when you think of nothing but the taste and the fragrance, and you take a moment for yourself. Yet, you might ask yourself where that good coffee came from, and how far it had to travel before coming to you.
We here at Passalacqua want to tell you how a good coffee is born. With a journey from the plantation to your home, we'll show you why each step of the production chain is important, why we make certain choices along the way and not others, and why we are so demanding at every crossroad. Our wish is to offer you coffee that has a unique fragrance and an intense flavour, a coffee that is always as good as you'd expect it to be.

We purchase our coffee from the best producers, and we only choose plantations in which the coffee drupes are collected by hand. This slow but precise method ensures that only fruits that are ripe in the appropriate measure, only the ones that can offer excellent fragrance and flavour in roasting, are picked.
Passalacqua coffee is selected from the best coffee qualities, imported only in barrels or jute bags to ensure freshness from the plantation, to the ship, and finally to our warehouse.
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We carry out multiple checks throughout the journey from the ship to the warehouse to ensure our coffee is always in optimal condition. We always discard the membranes before roasting, because we believe that your coffee’s flavour and fragrance should always come first. After roasting, we vacuum-pack all products to preserve the taste and fragrance we created for you: many different blends resulting from a judicious selection from a variety of origins, to satisfy any palate.
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More than 1000 bars in Italy and abroad have already chosen Passalacqua coffee. Each of them can count on thorough training to learn the art of extracting real Neapolitan espresso, accompanied by interesting conventions about working with the best espresso machines. Thanks to the special care used in the coffee preparation, premises who use exclusively Passalacqua know how to make superior quality coffee, enhancing the fragrance and flavour of a fine product.
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Passalacqua has chosen to turn every office break into a pleasant coffee break with skilful pod packaging, the result of a new and innovative production process. Biocompatibility, and the ability to perfectly retain the fragrance and taste of excellent quality coffee, are the reason for the choice to supply office coffee in pods.
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he famous yellow Passalacqua can, which optimally preserves coffee fragrance and flavour, and the effective and environmentally-friendly pods to perfectly protect and preserve good coffee, has been our focus for about 70 years. The same applies for coffee packaging for the home pantry. That's why we treat the choice of coffee packaging and containers carefully, combining good traditional customs and the best industry innovations.
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