We use the latest technology in food preservation to protect your coffee’s taste and fragrance

At Passalacqua, we use the only method that is able to guarantee high levels of safety, maintaining coffee freshness and protecting its fragrance. That's why: 

A simple but remarkably effective system, which removes air from the container by protecting coffee from external agents and other odours.

After roasting, coffee continues to transform and produce carbon dioxide which, without an effective spill system, would inflate the bags until they burst. Thanks to vacuum packaging with one-way valve, we do not allow outside air to enter in contact with coffee, but we allow the carbon dioxide to leave. Only in this way we can protect coffee from external elements and from the loss of fragrance.

Our preservation system has various advantages that concur to ensure coffee reaches your cup tasty and fragrant.


As it is a hygroscopic substance, coffee absorbs the surrounding smells. This compromises its fragrance in a short time. When in contact with air, up to 40% of the coffee’s typical scent vanishes in 8 hours. This is why we immediately vacuum-pack it after roasting. This way we protect its fragrance and safeguard your taste experience.


Vacuum preservation enables us to keep coffee fresh for much longer, protecting it from microorganisms and bacteria. This is a technique that preserves not only flavour, fragrance and colour but also the organoleptic properties of the food. This way, we can guarantee not only an extraordinary taste experience, but also complete food safety.