A dark, perfumed, friable, energetic bean is the result of our roasting, the magic of the Neapolitan coffee

The roasting process is a veritable alchemy that only an expert roaster can carry out. This is a delicate procedure, which completely changes the characteristics of the bean, it improves the fragrance and defines character.

Strong Neapolitan coffee roasting

Here at Passalacqua we are true custodians of the Neapolitan tradition: thanks to a strong coffee roasting we give it an intense black colour, an energetic and exuberant fragrance, taste characteristics typical of Neapolitan espresso, brilliant and full-bodied. It takes experience, skill and patience to create a dark but perfect roast that will enhance the fragrance. The dark roast, in fact, is a slow process that includes three stages of processing, because only time allows for proper composition of fragrances and releases all the richness contained in coffee beans.

And after roasting?

In Passalacqua we package our coffees in a vacuum with a one-way valve, so as to preserve the fragrance of the coffee and protect its freshness.