Mexico Plus

Mekico Plus whole beans 1kg

The best from the world:

9 Origins 75% Arabica


€27.37 VAT included

The best Neapolitan coffee fragrance and body dedicated to bar consumption: Mekico Plus is a coffee blend with that special something that characterises a true Neapolitan espresso.

Mekico Plus is among the noblest in Passalacqua's bar catalogue. Like the Mekico blend, Mekico Plus creates a perfect balance between intense fragrance, perfect body and prolonged taste in a cup.

A coffee made with Mekico Plus blend in a bar can satisfy the palate of the most demanding clients and the ambitions of the most scrupulous baristas: the persistence of a unique fragrance with typical Neapolitan espresso body and "cream", they are the real answer to connoisseurs who seek coffee perfection. Like all Passalacqua coffee blends, Mekico Plus always leaves that prolonged "good coffee" aftertaste .