The best origins

The best coffee origins


Did you know that the coffee plant absorbs the fragrances and some characteristics of the crops that surround it? This is why every country and every plantation produces coffee with a unique identity. That is also why two Arabica or Robusta coffees, produced in two different places, will never be the same. Knowing the character of the coffee from each origin is, therefore, critical in order to select and blend grains of various backgrounds, and create different but always balanced blends.

14 different origins

Passalacqua goes around the world, as did the spice merchants of long ago. And, just as our founder did in the alleys of Naples, we purchase coffee only from the best manufacturers of 3 continents. We chose 14 diverse origins and we have been blending them expertly through the knowledge of the strengths of each region, for almost 70 years.

From the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn we import the best Arabica and Robusta grown by people of about 50 Nations.

We purchase up to 14 origins. Each of these types has been appropriately and pre-emptively chosen to contribute to exalt, enhancing them, characteristics of that particular blend in your cup. Keep in mind that coffee, as all agricultural products, undergoes structural changes with the passing of time and therefore also in flavour and fragrance. In all types of coffee, every blend used contributes to the whole only in small quantities, and when its provenance lot runs out, another of equal origin and selection, but of different maturing, takes its place. Its mild sensory difference, diluted in other multiple components (up to 14), is not therefore perceived by the end user.

Gradually, therefore, there is a rotation of all the other components of our different blends to maintain consistent quality. However, in order to practically achieve this, a blend of 8 different coffee types, for example, must initially rely on a reserve of 2,560 bags of coffee of 60 kg each. This is simply because in the international market you can buy, for each origin, a minimum of 320 sacks (a 20 feet container), which multiplied by 8 kinds of coffee makes 2,560 sacks. It is therefore necessary to immobilise a considerable capital in order to produce a blend consisting of 8 different types of coffee. Our company currently produces 14 different blends, some of them made up of up to 10 different types of coffee.

Each blend is a new love

The first sensations provided by the fragrance, the intensity or the lightness of the coffee, the roundness of the flavour, the particular notes of the aftertaste: every origin is chosen for its characteristic qualities, every blend is studied for months, sometimes even for years, in order to answer to the varied taste of each different coffee lover. 
Passalacqua coffee is born just like that, from secrets and ancient coffee recipes from the best fazendas in the world.

The world in one cup

Many blends and many origins. This is why with Passalacqua, when you find your preferred blend, you will never have surprises: can after can, its taste will be always the same, the one you fell in love with the first time. Find out more