A completely purified bean, intense roasting, impeccable packaging: these are the secrets of our coffee

What happens to the coffee when it comes off the ship and it arrives in the roasting area? In Passalacqua, first of all, it is subjected to a new accurate check on a sampling basis: we verify that the journey has not damaged any bags and that all the coffee is still whole and its freshness intact.

At this point the coffee is ready for a new journey, but this time within the plant, in accurate and innovative machinery that will transform every green fruit in the tawny, fragrant and crumbly beans we all know and love.

This is the time for important new choices that will contribute significantly to the quality of the coffee. For Passalacqua, even during roasting, there can be no compromises, and we put all our passion into providing the highest quality fine coffee. Because every single process of this transformation, from green to roasted bean, is designed to increase the quality and flavour of the coffee in your cup.

Each grain is wrapped in a membrane, a protective shell, an edible skin that is odourless and tasteless. Passalacqua removes every membrane after roasting, bean after bean, to offer you a more intense fragrance and impeccable taste.
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Strong roasting makes us the true keepers of the Neapolitan coffee tradition. The roasting procedure is intense and always controlled, yielding a dark, brilliant and energetic coffee, sought after by connoisseurs.
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To satisfy the taste buds of the many different coffee lovers, we produce many different blends using as many as 14 origins, which ensure coffee always tastes consistent to our loyal customers.
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According to our tradition we taste every batch of coffee before and after purchase to ensure that it is always subject to our highest quality standards and in keeping with the requirements of fragrance, body and taste of our exclusive blends.
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After the roasting, we proceed immediately onto a perfect vacuum storing of the product. This is the only way to protect coffee flavour and preserve its fragrance until the moment of its extraction into the cup.
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