We purchase in jute bags

There is only one safe way to ship it because a prized fruit must be protected in golden fibre: this is how our coffee crosses the sea.

A long journey awaits our coffee after it is harvested. Just like a long time ago, tons of green coffee beans leave their homeland and embark to cross the ocean. During this boat ride, it is paramount to preserve the coffee, its organoleptic properties, its integrity and its flavours.

For this, to make sure you always have a highest quality coffee, we put the utmost care even at the stage of import, by choosing the safest and healthiest way to transport coffee from one continent to another.

At this stage the objective is to respect the properties of this extraordinary agricultural product, to maintain it at the highest coffee quality and keep its freshness intact at all costs.

This is why you will never see Passalacqua coffee imported in big 500-pound polypropylene bags, where beans could become moist and mouldy and the staff would never know. Neither will you ever see our coffee imported in an open wagon, thrown directly from the lorry to the hopper without the necessary checks before arriving at the roasting plant.

Our coffee breathes freely as it travels

The quality of Passalacqua coffee accepts no compromises, not even when travelling through sea. That is why we only purchase plantation coffee preserved in 60 kilo jute bags, a small and natural fibre packaging that allows coffee to breathe during the entire journey. Moreover, we position the bags carefully so that they are constantly aired, eliminating any risk of mildew or condense. With this method of transportation we make sure that the coffee arrives intact and well preserved to store, wrapped in a flexible, natural, golden material (also called golden fibre) with numerous advantages:

Jute is a highly breathable natural fibre. This lowers the risk of condensation and mould and easily allows you to see if a lot has been damaged by moisture.

Jute is a material with high tensile strength. This ensures that our coffee sacks, never heavier than 60 kilos, remain intact until their arrival, preserving the entire load, grain after grain.

The flexibility of jute fibres enables easy checks both by customs officials and upon arrival at the factory, through tiny holes in the bags that do not damage the load.

100% Biocompatible
Jute is completely biodegradable and recyclable, therefore perfect for contact with an agricultural product and compatible with the values of a company that respects the environment.